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Studio Makkink & Bey invited three artists to realise interventions with which they confront the historical materials from the collecton and the way they are presented in Dressed by Architects.

Studio PLOTT

Something New

Studio PLOTT recently built a 3D printer that is able to print textile-like structures of several square meters. Rudi Boiten and Mireille Burger are currently experimenting with printing graphic patterns that can best be compared to weaving, embroidery and macramé techniques.


Something Borrowed

BuroBELÉN is the driving force behind the label 18-11-81, which takes a fundamentally different approach to clothing than today's fashion industry. 18-11-81 concentrates on the timeless qualities of materials and approaches clothing from the ancient need to protect and cover the body.

Camiel Fortgens

Something Blue

The project As Is by Camiel Fortgens is a sequel to his earlier project Paper Clothes. Fortgens does not regard his designs as fashion, but rather as a means to investigate how man relates to his clothing. How do we express our identity through clothing and what influence does the zeitgeist (fashion) have on society?

Dressed by Architects
Alfred Marks
Studio Makkink & Bey
Studio Plott, BuroBELÉN, Camiel Fortgens
Valentijn Goethals & Tomas Lootens
Collection Het Nieuwe Instituut

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder Surprising finds from the collection.

The presentation focuses on examples of fashion in various architectural drawings from the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut.